The QSWP supports a wide range of events each year, and often performs a variety of differing roles at these events. Whilst full details for each event will be provided via the QSWP Portal, below is a brief summary of some of our regular events to give you an idea of the sort of thing we do.

Cub and Beaver Fundays

Cub and Beaver Fundays is an annual event for Cubs and Beavers, held at Gilwell Park and Woodhouse Park on the same weekend. We help running activities at these events, and this usually involves making camp doughnuts (or other treats) on campfires and running the inflatables.

Ferny Crofts Mud Run

The Ferny Crofts Mud Run is an obstacle course based running event for all sections (Beavers to Adults) held at Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre in the New Forest. We man some of the obstacles to ensure that participants tackle them safely, which have previously included a crawl through a "snow tunnnel", a haunted house, and a colour run. There is the opportunity for members of the QSWP to have a go at the course as well.

Festival of Remembrance

The RBL Festival of Remembrance is held at the Royal Albert Hall on Remembrance weekend each year. We volunteer as wheelchair pushers and programme sellers for this event, and usually get to see the afternoon performance as well.

Gilwell 24

Gilwell 24 is an annual event for Explorer Scouts held at Gilwell Park, the idea being to provide 24-hours of non-stop activities for the participants. As such, we help with running some of the activities during the event, which in the past have included everything from water slides to crazy golf courses. We operate on a rota system for the event, so that we can keep our activities open for the full 24 hours but still get some sleep at some point!

Gilwell Reunion

Gilwell Reunion is an annual event for all Adults within UK Scouting, held at Gilwell Park. We run the two bars at the event, as well as support the drinks reception on the Saturday afternoon. We also usually man a stall promoting the QSWP on the Saturday.