The QSWP was formed in 1944 to provide the Scout Association with a dedicated group of volunteers from across the country to support the running of major high profile national events. To this day, we still provide a reliable, friendly and professional team of volunteers able to turn their hands to a wide range of duties, working alone or as part of a team.

Although the function of the Working Party (to support high profile events) has remained constant, the supported events have changed over the years. For example, prior to a review in 2010, there were a number of national Queen's Scout Receptions, where Queen's Scout Awards were presented, which were heavily supported by the QSWP.

Another change over time has been in how the QSWP reported into Headquarters. Originally the Working Party reported directly into the Programme (or similar) department at Gilwell. In 2000, following the July 1999 meeting of the Committee of the Council, it was agreed that all adult-only support groups linked to Scouting must be registered at the appropriate level (Group/District/County/HQ) as a Scout Fellowship, thus the QSWP became a National Scout Fellowship. In 2009 'Scout Fellowships' became Scout Active Support Units and so the QSWP is now amongst a small number of National Scout Active Support units (with a remit of 'assisting with the running of major national Scout Association events').

The QSWP has always has a 'management committee' to oversee its functions, although the way this is made up has also changed over the years. Prior to 2010, membership of the Working Party was split between "current members" and "past members" (whereby you would become a "past member" after you had served on the Working Party for an initial 5 years, and priority for events was always given to "current members"). A "Representatives committee" (Rep's committee) was made up of 2 "current" and 2 "past" members, each serving for a 2 year term (thus one current, and one past member would be elected each year at the AGM) and one of the 2 members who were serving their second term would take on responsibility of being the Chairperson of the committee, the responsible National Commissioner and designated HQ staff member were also ex-officio members of the management committee. The introduction of Scout Active Support Units lead to a change in the structure of the 'management committee', with its concept of a Scout Active Support Unit Manager supported by a required number of Scout Active Support Unit co-ordinators. The committee had previously adopted a position of having one rep focussing on each of the areas of; Treasurer, Membership, and Events (in addition to the Chairperson), so Scout Active Support Co-ordinators were created for each of the posts of; Finance, Membership, and Events. With the Manager now replacing the "Chairperson" role and being an appointment of the relevant Commissioner, it was agreed that each of the new co-ordinators should serve for 3 years, with 1 post being re-elected at each AGM (the Managers role was also agreed to be for a 3 year term, but with an option to extend for an additional 2 years). This change also led to remove the concept of "current" and "past" members, but with a priority for events still being weighted towards younger members of the Working Party (in line with the Scout Associations aim of being a 'youth-led' movement).

In the past the QSWP has also had its own member newsletters called 'Partylines' and 'QSWikileaks', but nowadays internal communications are mainly via a closed Facebook group.