Service Agreement

Below is the most recent version of the Queen's Scout Working Party's service agreement with National Headquarters.


The Queen's Scout Working Party (QSWP) is a national Scout Active Support Unit (SASU). It's remit is to support national Scouting events, and to act as ambassadors for the Top Awards (with a particular focus on those for Explorers and Scout Network).

The QSWP Manager has overall control of the QSWP operation, with the assistance of 3 Scout Active Support coordinators (covering Membership, Finance and Events respectively). The manager role is a national appointment, appointed from the QSWP membership by The Scout Association (TSA) in consultation with the QSWP members. The coordinator roles last for 3 years, and are appointed by the QSWP members at the AGM of the QSWP. Additional non-committee roles may be appointed by the QSWP manager or at the QSWP AGM as required, for instance a social media coordinator.

The QSWP management committee reports to the national Head of Scout Active Support.

Membership Conditions

Members of the QSWP must hold the UK Queen's Scout Award, and must have joined the QSWP before their 30th birthday. An annual fee, currently set at £5, is payable to retain active membership. Active members are full members of the SASU, and must abide by TSA Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR). This includes holding a valid DBS.

Members may lapse their membership and become 'friends'. As a friend, they are not part of the SASU (e.g. cannot attend events, are not required to hold a DBS), but may rejoin the QSWP as an active member at a future date and are kept informed of what is happening with the QSWP.

Service Provision by the QSWP

Support Provided to the QSWP


As of 21st May 2018, this agreement has been accepted by both James Baker (as QSWP Manager on behalf of the QSWP) and Gyles Wren (as Head of Scout Active Support on behalf of the Scout Association).